Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition at Nashua Catholic includes the student yearbook, agenda, some activity fees, lab fees, and graduation costs. Textbooks and uniforms are not included in the tuition cost.
The 2019-2020 costs listed below are for informational purposes only. The 2020-2021 costs have yet to be determined and will not be finalized until our budget process in complete.
2019-2020 Non-Supported Tuition (2019-2020) = $7,900
2019-2020 Supported Tuition (2019-2020) = $6,900 (Support Applications are available now! Download the Parish Support Form below)
Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High School offers three assistance programs:


NOTEChildren’s Scholarship Fund assistance is not determined or distributed by Nashua Catholic and it is not for assisting students already attending our school.  It is to enable parents who wish to move their children from public schools to private schools to receive financial assistance in addition to whatever the school might be able to offer.  Once a child receiving financial aid from CSF has enrolled in Nashua Catholic, CSF is committed to providing financial assistance to the family to enable the child to stay at Nashua Catholic.