Caritas Christi

Membership Information

The Caritas Christi will hold their meetings  from 3:00 -3:30. It is NEVER too late to join our club – listen for upcoming meeting announcements. All are welcome to join! This promises to be a banner year for our club, and it speaks volumes about the compassion of our students. Obviously, this begins at home. Thanks for sharing these great young students with us here at Nashua Catholic. Kudos moms and dads!


Bakes Sales – First Fridays 

Staff and students will have an opportunity to purchase freshly popped popcorn and sweets from the CC once each month during lunch. Items will cost 50 cents each and will be available during both 7th and 8th grade lunch periods. Please consider baking or enjoying a treat while supporting our many endeavors.  Bakers are needed to send items in, individually wrapped, with no nuts please! These items may be dropped off with Mrs. Kirkwood in the morning or sent in with your child to the cafe before school. The revenue from the bake sales enables us to fund all our service activities. Thanks in advance for your help!

Recycling Efforts

The Recycling Division of NC’s Caritas Christi could use some more assistance. We have a few volunteers in place but could still use some more helpers. If you are interested, please see Mrs.Kirkwood here at school.



Adopt a Service Member Care Packages 

Efforts continue as we ready and fill packages for deployed service members. There are letters, cards and many sweet treats and useful items being sent over each month by the club. The cards and letters being written by the staff and students from school are heart-warming and so beautiful. Great job club members – the basket is in Mrs. M-C’s classroom to collect completed cards and letters for the next shipment. Drop by any time and leave a letter there…it will get to our family members as soon as we can.

Caritas Christi sponsors the Hearts to Hoops Basketball
Tournament as the  fundraiser that helps us support our projects and bring Christmas to families in need .  We obtain the lists through the Front Door Agency in Nashua to take shopping.  To do this, we need money and the Tournament supplies those funds.  Please contact Mrs. Kirkwood to help as a student or parent on November 6,7 or 8th.  Thank you!


Hoops for Hearts Basketball Tournament November 5 and 6, 2016

Through the efforts of the Williams family, including alums Emma and Andrew, the tournament is always a huge success. We were able to raise nearly $2000 for our service club efforts each year. Many hands are needed!

Contact Mrs. Kirkwood to help with concessions or tickets today.

Image result for water walk nashuaThank You Project’s Water Walk  – Join us!

Saturday, September 10, 2016 8:45 to noon join us for the Water Walk.  We will walk two miles to reflect on the path that women and children take each day in African communities to get water by walking from Greeley Park to the Concord Street Bridge (approximately one mile) with empty water containers, filling them, and returning to Greeley Park.


Adopt-a-family Efforts at NC

The annual adopt-a-family efforts will be in full swing during December. We will be shopping, organizing and wrapping gifts for many needy residents in the Nashua area. We will need both student shoppers and adult drivers to accomplish our tasks outside of school. Then we will also need gift wrappers in school. Thanks in advance for all your assistance as we “adopt” our families and share our many blessings! God has truly blessed us all. Your students share the lessons of giving learned at home with their fellow students every day – it is a truly beautiful thing to witness especially during this holiday season.