Nashua Catholic School Board


Chair/Finance Chair: Mr. Matthew Cohen



Advancement and Admissions: Mrs. Karen Weidner




Education: Suzanne Mazak



Education Technology and Marketing: Mr. Cory Genest




Technology: Mrs. Michelle Runge


Catholic Identity: Mr. Robert Goyette




Ex Officio: Mrs. Diane Urquhart, NC Business Manager



Ex Officio: Mrs. Glenda McFadden, Principal



The mission of the Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High School Advisory Board is to collaborate with Mrs. McFadden to promote and sustain the mission of Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High. The board is established according to the Diocesan School Policy Handbook as the consultative body to Mrs. McFadden and the Diocese of Manchester in the governance of Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High School. The Board assists Mrs. McFadden  in the formulation and review of policy regarding the philosophy, mission, and goals of the school. The Board’s function is to offer direction and vision for the school which will ensure a quality Catholic education for the students and to offer sound advice to guarantee the sustainability of the human, material and financial capital for Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High School.