Nashua Catholic participates in the Tri-County Athletic League with four varsity teams and one intramural program during the fall season. Varsity teams include boys’ soccer, girls’ soccer, volleyball, and cross country, and we also offer an intramural golf program.  

We encourage seasoned athletes and those who are looking to try something new, to participate in our fall athletics. Depending on the number of interested athletes trying out for teams, cuts may be necessary during the try-out period. Cross country is a “no-cut” team where any member of the Nashua Catholic student body is able to participate.

We will be offering two separate informational meetings for new and returning athletes and their parents on Wednesday, August 15, and Thursday, August 16 at 6 PM in the Nashua Catholic cafeteria. Although there are two meetings scheduled, families are only expected to attend one of the two offered. Students are highly encouraged to attend this meeting. Topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to, permission and waiver forms, general expectations of the athletic department, coaches, parent responsibilities, travel information, etc.

The 2018 Fall Award Ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 1 PM in the Nashua Catholic gymnasium. Fall athletes will be showcased in a video slideshow to include posed pictures, action shots, and various candid shots of each individual athlete. Our Fall coaches take the opportunity to speak about their season, and recognize some of the standout athletes from each team.

To view a video slideshow of our 2017 Fall Athletic Recap, please click here.