7th Grade Theology

Theology Grade 7

The students in grade seven explore the historical Jesus and the four New Testament gospels. Learners will grow in understanding of the message and mission of Jesus Christ. The seven sacraments are examined closely and students will search the meaning of the mystery of Christ for contemporary Christian life. Within the sacrament of marriage, a respect life section is studied and students will explore the dignity of every stage of human life. The students will investigate the lives of the saints, and discuss how to incorporate what they learn into their own everyday lives.

In addition to the formal curriculum, students will look closely at the scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday liturgy and analyze them from an historical, cultural, social justice, and spiritual context.  A social justice unit about World and American poverty is studied and students will explore the seven themes of Catholic social justice. Lastly, students explore various types of prayer in chapel exercises and during Eucharistic adoration.