Required Social Studies Summer Reading

2019 Social Studies Department Summer Reading for All Courses

Choose one book from the appropriate year to read for this summer. Please read your choice carefully and be ready to analyze various concepts in the fall. The first project for Social Studies courses in the fall will be a book summary along with required visuals.

7th Grade (All Courses)

  • Soldier’s Heart
    • By Gary Paulsen
    • ISBN: 9780440228387

8th Grade (Select ONE For All Courses)

  • Anne Frank: Diary of A Young Girl
    • By Anne Frank
    • ISBN: 9788172345198 OR 9780553296983       
  • Friedrich
    • By Hans Peter Richter
    • ISBN: 9780140322057
  • Fallen Angels
    • By Walter Dean Myers
    • ISBN: 9780545055765
  • Black Like Me
    • By John Howard Griffin
    • ISBN: 9780451234216