The History department at Nashua Catholic strives to have the student succeed in all aspects of the course. To do this, we not only use lectures, but also role playing in group work, as well as corresponding videos to enhance the major areas of the curriculum. Homework is an integral part of the learning process.

Whenever possible, we strive to also enhance curriculum with field trips or demonstrations that are appropriate for the area being taught at that time. Students are taught to consider all aspects of a topic before making a final decision- this critical thinking is important as it is augmented during the high school and college years, and starting now makes it easier for the student to become adjusted to this way of thinking.

By the end of the two years in U.S. History, the student is cognizant of all areas of American History to the present time.

2019 Competitions

During the week before Christmas break, the school participated in the Geography Bee. There was a winner from each class, and they then competed to become the school champ.

The following students participated in the run-off:  Sam Fox, Gahelle Deriviere, Audrey Murrin, and Gregory Sanders from the 7th grade; Anoushka Audi, Peter Merconi, Nick Young, and Jaime Vandenburgh from the 8th grade.
The winner of the Geography Bee was Jaime Vandenburgh, who now has to take the written portion of the bee, in order to attend the state meet in Keene. Runner-up was Nick Young. Congratulations to all for your effort and participation.
On Monday, January 7th, the school participated in the History Bee. There was one winner from each class, who will now have to take a written test to be able to participate in the Regionals, outside of Boston. The following students won for their class: Matt Schmitt, Joshua Ma, and Sam Fox for the 7th grade; Daniel Enright, Peter Merconi, Zack Cassidy, and Jaime Vendenburgh for the 8th grade.
Good luck to you all!

Field Trip 2019

The 8th grade will be off to Boston on Tuesday the 15th to the MFA to see the exhibit on propaganda postcards from WWI and WWII. We have been discussing propaganda in class and how it influences you. This will give our students a chance to see what really went on during the wars and how it might have influenced thinking by the general public. We will even eat lunch there (brown bags only).
The History Dept.