Placement Test English/Literature

All English and Literature classes at Nashua Catholic are leveled. There are three levels of classes: grade level, advanced, and honors. All incoming seventh-grade students and new incoming eighth-grade students will take an assessment to determine the appropriate class placement. This exam contains grammar, reading comprehension, writing, and literacy interpretation components. Students’ prior academic performance, teacher recommendations, and standardized test scores are also considered in making these decisions. Returning eighth-grade students are placed in their classes by teacher recommendation which is based on various factors including academic performance, effort, and study habits.

As a department, we strive to ensure that all students are placed in the correct level for their readiness, so each student achieves maximum success. Placements for both grades are carefully assessed during the first marking period to be certain that students are appropriately placed. We reevaluate all students at the end of seventh grade. Students may change levels between seventh and eighth grade, depending upon their progress.