Athletic Clinics

Nashua Catholic offers a variety of athletic summer clinics for all student-athletes entering grades 6-8. What better way is there to spend your summer than working to improve your game. Clinics include volleyball and soccer, and are open to players of all abilities and skill levels. Our clinics are even open to walk-in’s* for those who may not be able to commit each night. Nashua Catholic has something for everyone this summer! Please look over the various programs below and we can’t wait to see you and your family here this summer!

Wildcat Athletic Clinics

Girls Volleyball Clinic

If you love volleyball then this is just the clinic for you! Open to girls of all experience and abilities, the Nashua Catholic volleyball clinic will work to improve and polish all of the fundamental skills needed to be successful in the sport. Through skill-specific drills, athletes will learn the basics and fundamentals of passing, setting, and everybody’s favorite, the spike! Come out and make some new friends, and prepare yourself for your next volleyball endeavor with the Wildcat Volleyball Clinic!

The Volleyball Clinic will run on Tuesday nights at 6-8pm for 7-weeks from June 27-August 15. Cost is $100 per athlete, and those who pre-register will receive a Wildcat Clinic T-Shirt!


Soccer Clinic

Improve your skills with the Wildcat Soccer Clinic this summer! This clinic is set at the very end of the summer, just before the school seasons get under way. With drills focus on fundamentals and technique, along with a mixture of fun games and activities, this clinic will get you moving, and get you all the touches you will need just before you go out for your school team. Focused on dribbling skills, passing, shooting, and conditioning, this is the perfect way to end your summer!

The Soccer Clinic will run 6-8pm from August 21-25 at the Main Dunstable Soccer Fields at 466 Main Dunstable Road, Nashua, NH. Athletes who pre-register will receive a Wildcat Clinic T-Shirt!

Walk-Ins Are Welcome!

All of the Wildcat Athletic Clinics are open to walk-in registrants! This is the ideal option for those who may only be able to make a few of the clinic dates, but don’t want to miss out on any of the instruction and fun. Walk-Ins are not eligible to receive Wildcat Clinic T-Shirts.

Prices and rates for walk-in registrants are as follows:

Volleyball: $20 per session

Soccer: $20 per session


Feel free to contact Nashua Catholic Athletic Director Ryan Farris with any questions regarding Athletic Clinics at