Nashua Catholic students are required to wear a school uniform. Nashua Catholic uniforms are ONLY AVAILABLE through Red Brick Clothing Company in Hudson, NH. Near matches are not acceptable. Please note our handbook.

The uniform consists of the following:
Khaki or navy uniform slacks.
Khaki or navy shorts. These may not be hemmed or rolled. Girls: Shorts or skorts can be no more than two inches above the knee. Boys: Shorts cannot be longer than one inch below the knee.
Navy or Cobalt colored “golf style” (long or short sleeve) shirt with Nashua Catholic logo
Solid dark socks (brown, navy or black) or white socks only. Socks must be worn at all times.

For boys: white undershirts only. These must be tucked in and cannot be longer than the uniform shirt

For girls: camisoles must be tucked in and cannot be longer than the uniform shirt.

Only the following outerwear may be worn in school and for gym classes: Official NCRJHS sweatshirt, NCRJHS fleece jacket, or NCRJHS fleece vest.

To order or view school uniform options please visit the Red Brick School Uniform page and scroll down to find the Nashua Catholic uniform section.