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National Suicide Prevention Awareness Presentations

In response to reports of a rise in suicidal behavior and thinking among NH teens, the Diocese of Manchester and Catholic Charities New Hampshire will offer this program to increase awareness of teen suicide and provide guidance on how to respond.  Rev. John J. Mahoney Jr., Director of Catholic Charities Counseling Services, will lead a team of CCNH counselors skilled in working with adolescents in presenting the program, which will include opportunities for questions. This is not a training program, but intended to improve awareness.

Parents and all who work with teens and young adults are welcome. For more information and dates of presentations please click here.

Diocesan Statement on Common Core

The Diocese of Manchester will not formally adopt nor require its schools to develop their curriculum solely on the basis of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Our principals and teachers, however, are expected to be cognizant of all such standards and their impact, especially for two reasons:

1. The content of many textbooks now takes the CCSS into account.

2. Many students in our grammar schools go on to public high schools and we have an obligation to make sure they are prepared for that transition.

Our principals and teachers are intent on providing the best education they can for our students and thus they draw on a variety of resources and programs in order to fashion a curriculum that best serves our students in the context of our schools and their mission in the Catholic Church.

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