Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition at Nashua Catholic includes fees generally separated out, such as, lab fee, activities fee, and athletic fee.  The student yearbook, agenda and graduation costs including gown are part of the tuition. Textbooks and uniforms are a parent’s responsibility and help nurture ownership in each student.

Non-Supported Tuition (2016/2017) = $7434

Supported Tuition (2016-2017) = $6454 (Support Applications are available during February only).

Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High School offers three assistance programs:

  • Parish Support 
  • NC Financial Aid
  • NEO

Parish Support

Forms are mailed with acceptance letters in the beginning of February. The form needs to be signed by your parish priest and returned to Nashua Catholic NO LATER than March 1 of each year for consideration at the Diocesan level.Only the Diocese of Manchester Catholics who meet the following parish criteria shall be eligible for the sponsorship rate.

The criteria, at minimum, is:

  • Registration in parish or mission
  • Contributor of record in parish or mission
  •  Active participation in the life of parish

Financial Support

Nashua Catholic uses the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Program to help evaluate a family’s ability to contribute toward their child’s education. With the help of FACTS, Nashua Catholic makes the fairest possible determination regarding the level of assistance it can offer.  The process involves balancing individual need, the number of families applying and the total available aid.

You may  apply online here.

This application must be filed by March 1 for full consideration.

FACTS charges $30 to complete the aid application.

NEO (Network for Educational Opportunities)

NEO is for incoming public school students.  It is accepted by Nashua Catholic.

Network for Educational Opportunities creates educational scholarships to assist families who wish to move their children from public schools into private schools.  With the recent decision of the Supreme Court, NEO can now offer parents the option of sending their children to religion-based private schools such as Nashua Catholic.

Please understand: this financial assistance is not determined or distributed by Nashua Catholic and it is not for assisting students already attending our school.  It is to enable parents who wish to move their children from public schools to private schools to receive financial assistance in addition to whatever the school might be able to offer. Once a child receiving financial aid from NEO has enrolled in Nashua Catholic, NEO is committed to providing financial assistance to the family to enable the child to stay at Nashua Catholic.

Information about NEO can be found at

Scholarship Fund

Many of our families may qualify for need-based funds and may apply for the NH Business Tax Credit Scholarship Fund.

Visit their website for more information.