World Languages

Here at Nashua Catholic, our seventh grade students have the opportunity to study either Spanish or French. Seventh graders take French 1A or Spanish 1A for an entire year, alternating daily with their computer literacy class. In eighth grade, students may choose to continue their studies in French 1B or Spanish 1B. The eighth grade classes meet every day for a full year, and students should be able to take Spanish II or French II upon entering high school.

Eighth grade students have the additional option of studying Latin through the VLACS (Virtual Learning Academy Charter School). Just as for Spanish and French, Latin students meet every day, where they access their classroom and coursework online, and work at their own pace. They have immediate access to the school’s VLACS facilitator, who monitors their progress in the classroom, as well as easy access to Mrs. Coker, should any problems arise.

The World Languages department strives to present a balanced approach to learning another language, developing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Communication skills are stressed in French and Spanish, in addition to studying the French-speaking and Spanish-speaking cultures of the world. The Latin VLACS course focuses primarily on language structure, history, and culture.

In February, all eighth grade world language students sit for their respective national language exams.