Required Summer Reading

Required Summer Reading for Literature Classes – 2016/2017

There is mandatory summer reading for HONORS classes. Students are expected to read the book carefully, take appropriate notes, and be prepared to analyze its setting, plot, characters, and themes.  All summer reading books can be purchased at  website after July 1, 2016.

Grade 7 (Literature 223)
TITLE                                                                         AUTHOR                    ISBN
The Breadwinner                                          Deborah Ellis                             9781554987658

Grade 8 (Literature 233)
TITLE                                                                        AUTHOR                    ISBN 
Uncle Tom’s Cabin                                            Harriet Beecher Stowe             0486440281

(The following three books are a trilogy and must be read together as one selection)
A Boy at War                                            Mazer                        WWII
A Boy No More                                          Mazer                        WWII
Heroes Don’t Cry                                       Mazer                        WWII