8th Grade PE

Physical Education Grade 8

This year-long course meets twice a week and is designed to provide an opportunity for students to further improve their fitness and well-being (through exercise, stretching, teamwork activities, and games) as well as to gain further awareness and insight about the role of fitness in lifelong health. Health is incorporated – including the basics of nutrition, substance abuse, and wellness.

Hello 8th grade parents. This is a note from Coach PJ Levesque, the physical fitness and health teacher here at Nashua Catholic. We are 3 weeks into our school year and phys ed class is going very well. I want to send you all an update to go over curriculum, expectations, Greeley Park, and gymnasium use, projects, as well as other things that happen throughout the school year.

Your 8th graders will be receiving classes this year on social responsibility, high school preparation, Catholic values, and planning for the future.  They will, also, be required to do a project where each student will explain, lead, instruct, and participate a gym class designed by them. A rubric for this project with a date they will present is coming in the next week or so. Please look for it.

There seems to be some confusion among the students on standards in gym class. I decided it would be best to share them with you so that you and your student are getting the same information.

Phys Ed is a pass/fail class. There are two criteria I use, Participation and Attitude.

Participation includes:

  • coming to class in the correct gym uniform

  • participating in the day’s activity

  • doing the best they can do in the activity

  • team work when necessary and individual effort when required

Attitude includes:

  • not being disruptive during instruction

  • motivation

  • a “can do” attitude

  • polite and kind to other classmates

My class is designed to be interactive, fun, challenging, informative, and educational. 8th graders are given some health classes that focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. Fitness classes are designed to create teamwork and to challenge each individual.

I give very few tests. The biggest test they will have is the physical fitness test twice a year. It consists of push-ups, sit-ups, arm curl hang or pull ups or chin ups (8th graders get a choice), and a 1 mile run. It is a pass/ fail test that the sole criteria is doing their individual best. Students are required to take it seriously and expected to give it their best.


Since Phys Ed is a pass/fail class, grading is simple. A student that participates in uniform to the best of their ability will receive a passing grade for the day. A student that is not in the correct uniform or refuses to participate will receive a failing grade for the day. If a student has 30% or more failing days, they will fail the quarter. Most students will have 20 classes per quarter. If they receive 6 failing days in a quarter, they will fail the quarter. I will be certain to reach out to the parents long before your student is in danger of failing.

My goal is to introduce wellness to my students. Total wellness.  Mind, body, and soul. So that they can begin to understand that living a healthy lifestyle is the key to a long and vibrant life.

A couple of housekeeping notes:

I can not excuse a student from class activities without a note from either the parent or a physician.

Having an extra curricular sporting event or practice the night of gym class does not excuse a student from participating in the class activities.

Each student should have some form of clear water bottle.

Inhalers and Epi-pens should be easily accessible during class.

Please ensure that students are wearing appropriate footwear. We do a lot of running so sneakers with good arch support and cushioning are recommended.

Greeley Park permission forms should be turned in as quickly as possible.

We just finished up our physical fitness test.  The next few weeks we will be discussing their project, have a health class, and going to Greeley Park as much as possible while the weather is still agreeable.

This year is shaping up to be a great one!

God Bless!

TEXTBOOK: No textbook is necessary.