7th Grade PE

Physical Education 7

This year-long course meets once a week and is designed to provide an opportunity for students to improve their fitness and well-being (through exercise, stretching, teamwork activities, and games) as well as to gain awareness and insight about the role of fitness in lifelong health. Health is incorporated – including the basics of nutrition, substance abuse, and wellness.

Phys Ed is a pass/fail class based off of Participation and Attitude. 

Participation Includes:

  • Coming to class in the correct gym uniform

  • Participating in the day’s activity

  • Giving effort in class

  • Showing ability and willingness to work in a team

Attitude Includes:

  • A “can do” attitude

  • Not being disruptive during instruction

  • Polite and kind to other classmates

PE class is designed to be interactive, fun, challenging, informative, and educational. 7th graders are given a lot of health classes that focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.

The biggest test will be a physical fitness test twice a year. It consists of push-ups, sit-ups, arm curl hang, and a 1 mile run. It is a pass/ fail test that the sole criteria is doing their individual best.


Since Phys Ed is a pass/fail class, grading is simple. A student that participates in uniform to the best of their ability will receive a passing grade for the day. A student that is not in the correct uniform or refuses to participate will receive a failing grade for the day. If a student has 30% or more failing days, they will fail the quarter. Most students will have 10 classes per quarter. If they receive 3 failing days in a quarter, they will fail the quarter.

The goal is to introduce wellness to all students. Total wellness.  So that they can begin to understand that living a healthy lifestyle is the key to a long and vibrant life.

A Couple of Housekeeping Notes:

  • Each student should have some form of clear water bottle.
  • Inhalers and Epi-pens should be easily accessible during class.
  • Please ensure that students are wearing appropriate footwear. We do a lot of running so sneakers with good arch support and cushioning are recommended.


In order to go to Greeley Park during class time, students must have appropriate form signed and turned in to the main office.