8th Grade Music


Nashua Catholic MusicFor the month of September, students will be learning basic piano skills on the keyboards! Eighth graders will learn middle C and G in the treble clef, as well as read rhythmic lines involving quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, and their respective rests. They will then compose their own pieces and perform them as solos or duets in class

asian-percussionIn October we will be discussing Asian Percussion. We’ll talk about the many drums of India, Middle East, and Japan as well as the culture connected with them. Students will create a percussion piece in A, B, C form. Each piece will be 16 bars and will feature all the notes we learned in our keyboard unit as well as 8th notes and 16th notes! Rhythmic compositions will be performed in class for peer-to-peer feedback.

jazzNovember will surely be a favorite as some contemporary musical culture will be learned through the unit of Musical Styles. Jazz, rock, and hip-hop will be learned through listening, analyzing, and describing. Improvisation during the jazz unit, rock/pop song building during the rock unit, and last but not least, beatboxing (vocal percussion) will be taught in class! Students will then choose their favorite genre, create a poster, and present.

Giant Jam!
It’s…. a surprise!!! But expect boom whackers, bucket drums, and creating the ultimate jam session for December!


school-mass-policySchool Mass Policy – Five minutes of class will be spent learning the refrain of hymns that will be sung at school masses. General music students will not perform in church, but are encouraged to join in song.