7th Grade Music

Welcome to 7th grade music!

7th-music-1The semester beginning in 2017 will be separated into four units. First up is Latin percussion! Students will experience the lively drums and music of Latin America. First they will learn about the culture, geography, and music of Latin American. Then we will focus on Samba, Salsa, and Merengue music. To top it off, we will be making homemade drums in class, where students will use recycled material to create their very own drum and write their own percussion composition.

NC - 7th Grade MusicThough students may have done composer projects in the past, we will learn composers more in depth within their time periods. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Impressionist periods will be listened to in class. These listening and learning parts of the unit will involve creating art to go with each period. Students will then choose their favorite composer, research him or her, create a poster, and present!

7th-music-3aThis next unit is sure to be a favorite! Students will be learning about all different types of music technology, and how and why this technology is so beneficial. Then students will create their very own digital composition at the Chromebooks lab, present, and give peer to peer feedback.

7th-music-4Last but not least! Ukulele has become very popular. Students will not only learn and review chords, they’ll be learning how to play the C scale; how to play arpeggios on C, A, F, G7; learn common chord progressions; and finally compose their very own ukulele piece combining all learned ukulele techniques. It is sure to be an extremely fun time in 7th grade music class!

School Mass Policy

Five minutes of class will be spent learning the refrains of hymns that will be sung at school masses. General music students will not perform in church, but are encouraged to join in song.