8th Grade Theology


The students in grade eight do an extensive study of the 10 commandments. Students will discuss and examine various ways to live their lives with the principle of a consistent life ethic. Theological and cardinal virtues, the beatitudes, corporal and spiritual works of mercy are explored alongside the commandments, enabling students to find true happiness and be a living presence of God in our world today. Students will study the Catholic Church in history, exploring the origins and purpose of the Church. The mission and meaning of the mystery of the Church will be examine throughout the various centuries and in the modern world. Theology of the Body is an additional subject that the grade eight students study. The students will come to realize that God, who is love, created them out of love and calls them to love. Simply put, the chaste body is a means to understanding the very meaning of our lives. In addition to the formal curriculum, students will look closely at the scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday liturgy and analyze them from an historical, cultural, social justice, and spiritual context.  Lastly, students explore various types of prayer in chapel exercises and during Eucharistic adoration.

TEXTBOOK 1: We Live Our Faith, Vol. 2:  As Members of the Church, ISBN 9780821556788

TEXTBOOK 2: Night, Hill and Wang, 2006, ISBN 9780374500016

TEXTBOOK 3:Theology of the Body for Teens: Discovering God’s Plan for Love and Life, Ascension Press, ISBN 9781932927863

Note: A Catholic Bible purchase is not necessary! The Catholic Bible can be accessed on line at www.usccb.org/bible