Summer Math

5All Nashua Catholic students need to purchase a Summer Skills Math Sharpener workbook for use this summer.

Workbooks may be purchased online at:

Directions on how to complete these lessons are listed later on this page.

GOAL: Maintain math skills during summer by completing at 20 lessons in the appropriate review book.

DEADLINE: This work will be collected during the first week of school and will be the first test grade in math for the year.

LEVEL: The level for the workbook is determined by the level the students are entering in August 2016.

For students ENTERING 7th grade:

(400) Math 7  6th Grade Math Review
(401) Advanced Math 7  6th Grade Math Review
(402) Honors Math 7  7th Grade Math Review

For students ENTERING 8th grade:

(411) Introduction to Algebra 8  7th Grade Math Review
(412) Adv. Introduction to Algebra  7th Grade Math Review
(420) Honors Algebra I  Pre-Algebra Review

Directions for Required Summer Math Workbooks:

Time the worksheets. Two lessons may be done in 25 minutes, or you may divide up the week allowing 5 minutes for every 5 problems. If students are unable to finish two lessons in 25 minutes, they should nevertheless complete the page and note how much extra time was needed.

Students will receive full credit (100%) if all 20 lessons are completed in the following manner:

  1. Calculators may NOT be used for any of these problems, unless the problem is labeled “calculator skill”.
  2. All calculations and “work” must be shown in the workbook in the space provided.
  3. As each worksheet is finished, parents use the answer key provided in the back of the workbook to correct the problems.
  4. Students then redo any problems until they are correct. Please include this work as well.