Math Department Policies

Math Department Grading Breakdown

M8 Grading Percentages

Credit on Math Problems
In order to receive credit on work, the original problem and all work must be shown. This includes showing all steps when solving equations. Papers which show only answers will receive no credit.

Homework will be assigned 4 nights a week on average. Expect that no homework will be assigned the night of a test.

Test Retakes
During the first 3 quarters of 7th grade, tests may be retaken once each for a maximum grade of 79%. Test retakes may be taken after school up to one week after the original test date. The retake score will replace the original test score.

During the last quarter of 7th grade and ALL 4 quarters of 8th grade, tests may be retaken when necessary but original scores and retake score will both count. Test retakes may be taken after school up to one week after the original test date. A student may retake any and all tests below a 79%, but only two retake grades per quarter are recorded – the highest two scores. All test scores will count; there is no replacement of original scores. The retake scores act as additional test scores.

BCW Redos
Students will receive half credit (up to 79%) for all corrected answers, provided that all work is shown and all the teacher’s guidelines have been met.

Effort Grades
Effort grades will be based upon homework completion, class participation, and completion of suggested retakes and redos.

Materials to Bring to Class Daily

Students are expected to bring the following materials to class every day. Forgetting these items will result in lower effort grades.

  • separate math notebooks as required by the teacher
  • textbook, workbook or both
  • at least 2 SHARPENED pencils
  • an eraser
  • calculator – either TI-30XIIS or TI-30XIIB

After School Extra Help Sessions

Extra help sessions will be available by appointment. Further details will be posted later.

Sign and Returns
Any test, quiz, BCW or homework assignment with a grade of 69% or below must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the teacher the next day.