7th Grade History Summer Reading Project

7th Grade History Summer Reading Project Instructions

The history summer reading project for 7th grade is to readSoldiers Heart by Gary Paulson & create a response as follows.
The rubric to the right will be fully explained when school starts.

Students are advised to take notes as they read and to write a rough draft of the report over the summer.

You, and only you, are to write this.  To avoid plagiarism, you need to fully understand the material, so when you write, you don’t need someone else’s work in front of you to use as a guide such as a plot summary from the internet.  You also need to understand that a parent may be a reader and make general suggestions; however, a parent may not edit or rewrite your work.  Plagiarism results in a zero for a grade, parental notification, and after school detention.



A. Content (60 pts): Write a paragraph response for each of the following points. Your complete response should be five paragraphs in total.

  1. Write a brief plot summary to include the significant events in the book in the order they occur. This should take no more than one page.List the key events as you read the book, and this will help you write the plot summary. Do NOT follow a plot summary off of the Internet. (See the note on plagiarism to the left.)
  2. Write an argument on how this book demonstrates how horrible war is.This is a book that is mostly about war. In battle, many people discover inner strengths and skills they never knew that they had. However, batter also causes suffering, misery, destruction, and even death on a grand scale. It’s important that we understand how evil war is because too often in history, leaders have made war their first choice in resolving problems with other nations rather than work hard at finding other solutions. Use several events/examples from the story that show the horrors of war.
  3. Identify and describe the turning point in the story. This is the event that leads to the resolution of the problems faced by the main character. You must use evidence/examples from the story to show that you have identified the turning point.
  4. Use evidence/examples from the story to describe the resolution. The resolution is what happens to Charlie following the turning point. Charlie has what is known as a soldier’s heart. Today we call it post-traumatic stress disorder. After fighting in a war, many of the survivors continue to suffer from wounds and awful memories. For them, the war never really ends.
  5. Provide your recommendation of this book for (A) your peers, (B) someone younger, and (C) someone older. With each recommendation, include reasons to support your opinions.

B. Quality & Format (20 pts)

  1. Double space your response. Reports may be hand-written or typed.
  2. Responses that are typed should use a 12 pt font.
  3. Use correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  4. Use correct spelling.
  5. Use correct paragraph structure.


Create a poster that is relevant to a scene in the book. The poster must be 8 ½” X 11” in size and attached to the written portion of the report. Effort, not artistic ability counts.