All English and Literature classes at Nashua Catholic are leveled. There are three levels of classes: general, advanced, and honors. It is a difficult task to place students where they will best achieve academic success at our school, by simply looking at their report card grades from their previous schools.

All schools focus on different topics in English, and an “A” at one school does not translate to the same content and knowledge for an “A” at another school. Therefore, all students will be expected to take a placement test in the spring to determine their placement for the fall.

The honors class requires not just an exposure to, but a solid comprehension of certain key concepts, in a very fast paced environment. Not all students are ready for the rigor of this class.Our other two levels of classes cover the same material, just at different paces and to a different level of complexity. As a department, we strive to ensure that all students are placed in the correct level for their readiness.