Helen Horan Scholarship Application 2017

Application Procedure:

  1. All applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for this award:
    1. Maintain solid academic performance and consistent effort while at Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High in grades 7 & 8.
    2. Demonstrate positive involvement in the school community.
    3. Obtain a letter of recommendation from the spiritual leader of the student’s faith community (i.e., Pastor, Rabbi, Minister etc.) or a letter from a person other than a parent, family member or Nashua Catholic teacher who can attest to the student’s character.
    4. Complete an essay, of no more than 500 words, addressing the following topic:

“A Catholic education is a gift for a lifetime.  How will the education your have received at Nashua Catholic and the education you will receive at a Catholic high school be gift for your lifetime?  How has your education at Nashua Catholic been a gift thus far?”

2.    All requirements must be received in hand by the Principal of NCRJHS or post-marked no later than March 15.  Be sure to include this page complete with the dates and signatures indicated below. 

       3.    Verification of admission to a Catholic high school must be provided along with the application.  A statement of tuition prior to disbursement of the award must be presented to the NC business office.

4.   The decision of the scholarship award committee will be based upon all information received by the March 15 deadline and will be final.  There can be no exceptions. 

        5.   The recipient will be announced at the scholastic awards ceremony in June.

6.   By signing this document, authorization is granted to the Scholarship committee to access the applicant’s school records.


Applicant’s Signature ______________________________________      Date______________


Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________      Date______________