Bring A Friend to School Day 2/22

Nashua Catholic is excited to announce that we will once again be hosting our Bring-A-Friend to School Day on Friday, February 22. Nashua Catholic students are encouraged to bring a friend, neighbor, or relative who is in grades 5-7 to school with them on this day. It will be a fun day where our 7th and 8th graders can show their outside friends all that they do every day here at NC!

If you are interested in bringing a friend with you to school on Friday, February 22rd, we ask that you please complete and submit the form to the main office no later than Wednesday, February 20th. Visitors will be given the option to eat cheese pizza from TJ’s Deli this day. We ask that visitors please bring their own lunch with them if food allergies are a concern.

We do respect all school programs and because of this, we ask that we do not invite repeat guests and those friends that visited us with St. Chris or Infant Jesus School, thus pulling them from their own classes on multiple occasions.

For more information please contact Mrs. Mary Kirkwood at (603) 882-7011, or at

Download the Bring-A-Friend Form Here!

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