Boys Soccer Wins First Game

The Nashua Catholic boys soccer team defeated The Derryfield School, 5-3 at home in front of the NC fans, for their first victory of the 2018 campaign. It was a rainy day, but the weather did not have any effect on the NC offense as 8th grade striker Jamie Vanderburgh was able to score 3 early goals to give the team a first half cushion. 

On the defensive side of the ball 8th grade Center Back, Nick Young kept the Derryfield offense in check, and worked with his teammates to limit the amount of chances offered up. 7th Grader Matt Schmitt made some crucial saves late in the game to keep the Wildcats on top, and eventually sealed the deal and earned the team their first win in as many games this season. “The boys were out there working hard. We made a lot of great passes, and applied pressure where and when we needed to, and it was a great first win”, said coach Ryan Farris. The boys soccer team looks to run with this momentum as they push to better their finish from last year, and make a deep run in the Tri-County Playoffs.

Go Wildcats!