2018-19 Supply Lists

Believe it or not the summer is coming to a close, and it is almost time to start preparing for the upcoming school year. In an effort to make it easier for families to prepare for the first day of classes, Nashua Catholic has released an up-to-date school supply list based on particular classes and course levels. 

As always, don’t forget that when you go shopping you can be helping to kick some additional funding back to Nashua Catholic! For the parents who like to utilize the many offerings of Amazon, please consider using Amazon Smile to benefit Nashua Catholic. It is the same Amazon you have come to know and love, but the twist is that a portion of your total shopping amount will be kicked back to the school.

Below, you can find the school supply list in pdf. format. Click on the “pop-put” button in the upper-right corner of the document to view larger, or to print. (Revised 8/8/18)