Sell Unwanted Textbooks For Extra Cash

At the conclusion of each year, we urge our parents to consider selling their unwanted hardcover textbooks back to our textbook provider, eTECHCampus. This year, eTECHCampus will not be sending a representative to the school to buy the books back in person, but instead we will be offering an electronic book buy back program through the eTech website. 

In order to get the best possible pricing, and the most money back for your books, we suggest trying to sell those unwanted hardcover textbooks before July 1. If you are interested in turning those books in to extra spending money, you can go directly to the eTECHCampus website at, and obtain a quote, along with your free shipping labels. After the shipment has been received by eTech, they will send a check directly to your house, turning those dust collectors into easy money!

Textbooks that will once again be used throughout the 2018-19 school year will get you the best prices, but families are encouraged to check any and all hardcover texts that you may still have. Paperback books are not eligible for resale.