New Parent Orientation

Welcome Parents of the Class of 2020!

On Saturday, May 19th while your children are taking the placement exam, we welcome all new parents to spend the day with us to learn all about the ins and outs of life here at Nashua Catholic. New parent orientation will take place here in the Nashua Catholic gym starting promptly at 8:45 AM. All aspects of the student handbook will be touched on including safety, student drop off and pick up, cell phone policy, appropriate dress, clubs, after school activities, and much more.

This presentation is very important for new parents as it will help to address some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns. We will also be discussing some of the major events that take place each year, as well as providing an opportunity to meet with our administrative staff, and some of our teachers. 

See you on Saturday, May 19th for orientation! 

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