Girls Soccer Wins First Title Since 2003

Our very own Nashua Catholic Lady Wildcat Soccer team are the 2017 Tri-County Division 4 Champions! It was an extremely exciting game, and our girls showed some true grit as they clawed their way back from a 3-0 deficit to win 4-3 over Auburn Middle School.

In the opening minutes of the game, our girls had a handful of great opportunities to score, but a bad bounce here, and a good defensive play there kept us off the board. Auburn then managed to score two quick goals, and later tallied another to give their team a 3-0 lead midway through the first half of the Division 4 Final. “Our girls never let the score get them down. Watching the game, and watching their body language, you would have never been able to tell that we were down 3 goals” said Coach Joe Manzoli. 

After multiple attempts, and some near misses, our girls finally got on the scoreboard with a goal from 7th grader Bella Saxon. Like the semi-final game before the final, the minute the first goal went in, our girls settled in and played a more relaxed game. After two more goals by 8th graders Molly and Mary-Kate Finn, our girls went into halftime tied at 3 goals a side. 

The second half showcased a dominant playing style from our girls, as they controlled the pace and the majority of possession. “We were passing well, and doing everything right” said Manzoli. Finally a breakthrough came late in the so far scoreless second half. Molly Finn had worked to gain position inside the box, and as the ball bounced up in the air, Molly turned her back to the goal and perfectly executed a bicycle kick into the corner of the goal to give Nashua Catholic a one-goal lead.

Auburn pushed back and had some late chances of their own, but 8th grade goalkeeper Elizabeth Crandall was there to make some crucial saves to preserve the Wildcat lead.  Just then the referee in the middle of the field blew the final whistle and it became official. The Lady Wildcats had won the first Tri-County Championship for the program since 2003! 

“I could not be any more proud of these girls. They are the best example of fight and determination. To go down 3 goals so quickly, and to bounce back like nothing happened is remarkable at any level” said Manzoli after the game. 

The Lady Wildcat roster includes Bella Saxon, Kate Daley, Hailey Barker, Kate Hansen, Emma-Kate Lingley, Anna Moore, Ava Therrien, Emma Service, Mary-Kate Finn, Grace O’Malley, Molly Finn, Eliza Gehan, Eizabeth Crandall, Cameron Iaquinta, Hannah Lord, and Caroline Cairns.

Go Wildcats!

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