Manzoli In as Girls Soccer Coach

Nashua Catholic is very excited to announce that Mr. Joseph Manzoli has been hired to coach the 2017 Lady Wildcats soccer team this coming fall! Coach Joe has been playing soccer for over 35 years! Today, he is still an active player in various adult leagues in the area. 

Over the last four years, Coach Joe has coached teams on the recreational and competitive levels, and has led those teams to two championships! His philosophy on coaching is to run a high-temp styled offense, that is backed by a relentless defense. The most important piece to his game plan is to ensure that the girls are out there having fun, and enjoying the sport.

Manzoli is quoted as saying, “I believe in nurturing the potential of every player on the team and putting them in the best position to succeed and develop as individual players and as a team. We play with the utmost respect for ourselves and our opponent and will always represent our school and families with pride and humility.” Coach Joe concludes his statement by saying how much he has enjoyed the sport of soccer, and he hopes he can help pass that same joy on to the girls on the team.

The Nashua Catholic girls soccer team kicks off their season with a home game against the Derryfield School on Monday, September 11.

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