8th Grade Pictures Due 5/12

8th Grade Graduation Dance Pictures – Due Friday, May 12

Each year during the Nashua Catholic Graduation Dance for our 8th grade students, we put on a very special slideshow that plays throughout the night. In the slideshow are pictures showcasing just how much each individual has grown. Pictures show students as infants and toddlers, and also as elementary school age children, and current pictures of where they are now. 

If you are interested in submitting pictures of your 8th grade son or daughter, please do so no later than Friday, May 12. Pictures can be emailed in to Mrs. Deb Matson-Champagne at dmatson@ncrjhs.net or can be brought in to the school on a USB flash drive. If you can, please include at least one picture of your son or daughter as an infant or toddler, one from elementary school, and at least one current picture. 

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