NC Experience Survey


Nashua Catholic is committed to assisting parents in nurturing the whole student; mind, body, and soul. The first step is to survey our parents and get your valued feedback. These surveys will help Nashua Catholic administration to determine where any improvements can be made, along with give us a feel of your experiences during your child’s junior high school years. One big factor in our surveys is the guarantee of anonymity in your responses. We are asking for honest feedback to help ensure future students have the best faith, educational, and social experiences possible. 

Topics in the survey include faith building, academic strengths or improvement areas, social development, and overall experience. The survey is brief, but it will help to provide valuable insight on how our school can continue to be a difference maker, and how we can continue on with our motto of believing, achieving, and inspiring ourselves and others.

Although we have not set a hard deadline, the sooner the surveys are completed, the more time it will give Nashua Catholic to analyze and act on our results. If you are interested in completing our survey, please click here.



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