Girls Basketball Seeks First Victory

With the season officially underway, our girls basketball team is working extremely hard to capture their first victory of the season. With a daunting early schedule, our girls have been faced with a big challenge. After last year’s season, we are only returning three players to our varsity roster. For many of our girls, this is the first time they have ever played together at this level, or even played together at all. Bringing in a whole new group of girls, along with a new coach is no easy equation to solve.

“We have a group of very talented girls that can all play. This level and style of basketball is different from what many of these girls have ever tried to play before so it is going to take time for everybody to buy in” said Coach Dave Schaub. With each practice comes work on ball handling, offensive and defensive sets, and of course, cardio. The improvement from day one is tremendous, and it is starting to show when the girls get out on the court.

With only a week of practices under their belt, the girls played a tough opener against Pelham. It was evident that the girls were not yet on the same page as each other as turnovers, missed layups, and botched plays were occurring. However, these are just signs that the team hadn’t had enough time to work together, and may have been a bit overwhelmed with the speed of the game at the middle school level.

With the second game of the year, our girls faced a very tall, very athletic Timberlane team and played them tough. Our Wildcats were starting to put some things together, and began to play a bit more as a team with every passing possession. Unfortunately, the result was another loss, but it was a game that our girls could look back and really grow from as they progress through the year.

Game number three brought in another athletic team from McLaughlin Middle School in Manchester. Our girls played tough and made sure that they were not going to just hand the game over to the opposition. With some great plays on defense, made free throws, and some well executed plays, our girls were growing right there in front of our eyes. This was the learning game that our girls needed. This is the time where they were able to piece together some big runs of points, and gave the girls a chance to start believing in themselves, and in their team.

Our Lady Wildcats are looking to continue their growth as they search for that elusive first win when they travel to take on G.H Hood of Derry on Wednesday. This could be the game that turns the entire season around. Our players are starting to buy into the system, our coaches are seeing the potential they saw in tryouts, and the team is growing and developing their own identity. Lets hope for a great game and big victory in Derry!



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