Boys Basketball Pushing Through Tough Schedule

We are only three short games in to the year but it has certainly been an exciting start to the season. In the first game of the year, our boys traveled out to Pelham Middle School and put forth a good fight. Not only was it the first time the boys played a meaningful game this year, but it was also the first time many of our boys had ever played together. Going in, everybody knew there would be some hardships to overcome. Working new players into a complex system takes it time. “The boys will learn to play together. It may not be the first time they step foot on the court, but I can assure you that as the season progresses, we will get better and be able to work as a team” said Coach Paul Williams. The first game didn’t go as well as we had hoped, and on a very small court our boys fell to Pelham.

Game two of the season brought plenty of excitement. It was the home opener for our Wildcats and with it brought a gym full of energetic spectators. The boys played with passion and never gave up. Against a very athletic Timberlane team, our boys forced the game into overtime. The advantage of playing in front of your own fans came into play and with 7 seconds left in the overtime period our Wildcats took the lead and sealed their first victory of the year! The margin may have been small, but this was the type of game that proves to the coach and the boys that they can play together, and they can play well.

Game three was very much like the Timberlane game. Another game that brought back and forth action, lead changes, and some great displays of two-way basketball. McLaughlin Middle School out of Manchester brought a very talented squad and was able to squeak a big division win out over our Wildcat boys 50-48. It was a tough loss, but again there were many glimpses of just how good this team can be. Unfortunately at this level, even the slightest slip in execution can cost you a game.

The team is looking good and there is no doubt in my mind that these boys can really play the game. Although the record may be under .500 at the moment, it is still extremely early in the year, and the play will only improve as each player gets more accustomed to the speed of the game. There are big games to come and some obstacles to overcome, but with this energy and the passion shown by this group of boys, I know they have the potential to make a very deep run into the playoffs.

Our boys take the court again in a back-to-back on Wednesday and Thursday as they travel to take on both G.H Hood of Derry, and Merrimack Valley of Penacook at 5pm and 3:30pm respectively. The season is long, but if this introduction is any indicator, it will be one full of excitement.



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